"4 Shows in Rep"

"Babel Rap"
by John Lazarus


Two workers bicker while constructing the Tower of Babel; God punishes them.

"The Quality of Boiled Water"
by Jason Milligan


In this wild farce, a Wall Street wizard wakes up with a strange woman in a strange bed in a very strange house. The inhabitants have not been out since 1969 when Dad, a former NASA employee, shut his door in reaction to the Vietnam War and other disturbing events. He is raising his kids in the safety of his living room. They live on Tang and Space Food Sticks and consider Walden their bible. Greg is very ready to leave when he is to be Terri Anne's groom--- like it or not.

"Present Tense"
by John McNamara


It's the day of the high school prom, and Norm Prescot, a love-smitten teenager, is beset with doubts. Will his girlfriend Ann keep their date, or will she claim that she has to stay at the bedside of her aunt Gladys, who (she says) has been stricken with gallstones? As he waits, Norm's agonies multiply; does Ann really have an Aunt Gladys? Or is she just using that as an excuse to pick up with her ex-boyfriend Doug, a thick-headed jock, who is not only captain of the football, baseball, and basketball teams, but also Norm's obnoxious editor on the school newspaper? In a series of imaginative (and very funny) blackouts Norm's worst fears become real as we see all that is going on inside his head through wildly exaggerated daydreams depicting the fear and embarrassment of possible rejection by the girl he loves, and the gnawing suspicion that she has not been faithful to him. All ends happily, however, when Norm is jarred back to reality by Ann's arrival--and, with a sign of relief, accepts her assurances that she really does love him after all.

"Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow"
by Chris Petz


Billy has hazy memories of the wild party celebrating the approach of his twenty first birthday, and he is very surprised to find a pretty girl clad only in her underwear under the blankets on his sofa. He is also upset because he has been willed a small fortune by an aunt, provided he remains "pure" until this birthday. Complications build hectically involving, among others, a telegram boy who ends up dressed as a girl, Billy's formidable mother, a suspicious policeman, and a solicitor who has fathered half the cast.

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