Andrea Bailey - "Annie / Shelley"

Andrea Bailey

Andrea can't wait to get bloody evil (and bloody and evil) with the cast of Evil Dead! She wonders how many of the other cast members have slipped a similar phrase into their bio's. Andrea recently finished an 11 month contract playing (imitating) Amy Farrah Fowler in a spoof of the Big Bang Theory. She is excited to play a character with better posture. Select credits include Vivienne in Legally Blonde (TUTS) Columbia in The Rocky Horror Show, Olivia in Twelfth Night (Project X) and Mae in The Wild Party (Pint Size Tall). Huge thanks to; Mark, Sylvia and Ken for the opportunity to be a part of this show, Tucky for providing shelter to a travelling gypsy actress, as well as family and friends for their constant love and support.